ORION for Windows : acquire digital images


  • Connects to any existing SEM/Microprobe or STEM.
  • Full compatibility with Windows 2000 and XP.
  • Digitizes in any size between 16x16 and 8192x8192 pixels (depending on your SEM capabilities).
  • Grabs images in both slow scan and full photo resolution.
  • 5 years warranty on the board
  • Orion is now fully compatible with Windows Seven !!!

Orion is the final element of your digital chain

sem and orion

SATURN : upgrade your old SEM to its full potential


  • very flexible SEM active drive system: interfacing with nearly any type of SEM.
  • internally routing the required scan signals between the SEM and the frame grabber
  • upgrades SEMs already equipped with any frame grabber
  • optimized user interface: one mouse click is required to drive the SEM and collect an image

Saturn is the central link of your digital chain

sem, saturn and orion

Full interoperability

Full interoperability possibilities