Orion for windows : EDX Option

a) Domain of application

An EDX system must be connected to an SEM, and when it must be possible to get an EDX dot mapping on the SEM screen. The scanning must be provided by the SEM scan generator (no active drive from EDX)

b) Purpose

The option provides the four following possibilities:
  • Collection of the EDX mappings by grabbing them frame after frame.
  • Dot map frame integration can be used for enhancing the final dot density. The resulting dot map has a black background and white dots.
  • Mixing up to 16 mappings into an SE or BSE image, in order to superimpose both.
  • The result is a grey scale image where the dots can be colored (one color per mapping).
  • Saving the mixed image as a color image on hard- or network drive.
  • A packing utility for getting a higher density of dots in the image.


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